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5 Quick and Easy Home Projects You Can Complete in 10 Minutes or Less

Do you have a list of home projects you’ve been meaning to tackle? The good news: some of them can be done in just ten minutes! Here are five quick and easy tasks to help you get your home in order almost instantly.

1. Organize Your Kitchen Pantry

Start by tossing out expired items. Next, arrange your shelves by category: snacks, baking supplies, spices, etc. Think of it like your favorite grocery store. This quick task will save you time when cooking or grabbing a midnight snack, and it will prevent any accidental salt-sugar mix-ups.

2. Make Natural Cleaning Products

Why buy when you can DIY? Use common household items to whip up your own cleaning solutions. You’ll save money, reduce waste, and keep your home sparkling clean. Plus, these eco-friendly alternatives are better for the environment.

3. Tidy Up Your Closet

Set a timer for ten minutes and dive into your closet. Sort your clothes by color, type, or function. Group shirts, jackets, sweaters, skirts, pants, and dresses together. This quick organization session will make it easier to find what you need and save you time in the long run.

4. Declutter Your Entryway

Spend ten minutes clearing out your entryway. Put away shoes, hang up coats, and organize any stray items. A tidy entryway creates a welcoming first impression and makes it easier to find what you need as you head out the door.

5. Lubricate Sliding Glass Doors or Windows

If your sliding doors or windows are sticking, grab a silicone lubricant spray. Spritz a cloth with the lubricant and wipe it along the tracks. This simple trick will have your doors and windows gliding smoothly again, making it easier to let in some fresh air.

Ready to get started? Send the kids out to play, step away from the computer, and see how much you can accomplish in just ten minutes!

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